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God's Gonna Cut you Down

One of my favorite songs. Lyrics as right on. Someday God will cut you down if you don't watch yourself!

VASS Testimonials Pages, Customer Reviews for Car Dealers

Check out the pages below. They are used to submit reviews and testimonials on car sales. Customers can share a photo, share the page and salesman can share their pages. Coupons for new cars are available for select dealers.









Considering Abortion?

Today it's been three weeks after my wife and I gave birth to a premature still born baby girl. God it hurts so bad. After three weeks you'd think I'd be better. Some days are good, some are not. Our story is a little different.

My wife and I carry only accidental health insurance, so our baby girl was not covered. We did hire a mid-wife, but when went in to find out our baby's sex, our baby girl had no hurt beat. We tried for another week to naturally give birth. (I know this had to be so hard on my wife carry our dead baby girl inside of her)

We ended up either paying over $5000+ for a surgery or go to a local women's clinic. We had to go into the clinic. It hurt watching other women at the clinic (for whatever reason) terminating their live baby's life. When my wife was induced and our baby girl did come out, the clinic just put her in one of those red bags to be cremated. I saw them take her out in the bag and about couldn't handle it...

My wife had an hour of recovery. I left and sat in Publix next to the pharmacy and cried and cried... One of the hardest days of my life.

Today I'm thinking about life and how thankful I am for my life. If you are considering abortion, consider that there are people out their who would love to have your baby. It's a life inside of you no matter what you tell yourself...

Advanced Laser Gum Surgery Institute of Washington Dr. Rice

Dr. Rice, a Periodontist located in Rockville Maryland, has a new website for the treatment of Gum Disease using the LANAP Laser. If you are located in the Maryland area, look him up! Check out his website we did for Progressive Dental Marketing. Nice job everyone!

Introducing The Fastest And Easiest Way To Create Your Own Custom Rhinestone Designs.

Keep your apparel decorating solutions above the competitive bidding wars by adding specialty touches like rhinestones or nailheads. This popular fashion trends can command a higher price tag and consumer interest. With the CAMS Automatic Rhinestone Machine it is easier and more economical than ever to recreate these popular looks for promotional purposes or local boutiques. You can enhance embroidery designs, screen prints, digital prints and custom transfers or add sparkle to personalization, ultimately increasing the profitability of your sales.... Read More>>



Ok, so I just finished the new Rhinestone Machines site for a client. Take a look at the new site! Ready for business...

Train Marry Me - One of my Favorite Songs!

If you haven't had a chance to listen to this song, Marry Me by Train, love it. Watch it below, listen first to the couples

New eCommerce site setup for Rapid Label Systems

Check out the website setup for Rapid Label SystemsInkjet Label Printers. More about Rapid Label Systems:

"Impression Technology Americas is proud to be the Master Distributor in North, Central, and South America for Rapid Label Systems.

The unique line of Rapid Label Systems printers allow you to have a full label production system at a fraction of the cost compared
to current digital label presses and at a production speed that is unrivaled by any ink jet label system. The rapid line now makes label

printing an extremely attractive ROI for a wide range of businesses, whether it be in-house printing or print-for-profit. " 

Also checkout the new blog setup on the website: https://www.rapidlabelsysstore.com/blog 

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