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  • Eyewitness Accounts

    So I was in a gospel doctrine class a few weeks back and the instructor, who we know, gave a great lesson on eyewitness accounts. I wanted to write my thoughts on what he said.


    What was … more

  • Stumbling Blocks - Valiant in the Testimony of Jesus

    In preparation for a talk, I was givien the General Conferance address: https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2016/10/valiant-in-the-testimony-of-jesus?lang=eng&clang=ase (Valiant in the Testimony … more

  • Pattern of Pride and Sin

    Tags: Talks, Pride

    We see throughout the Book of Mormon a pattern. You will see as the Nephites obey God's commandments and humble themselves, they prosper in the land. They eventually then become prideful and start to … more

  • What to leave with others

    Tags: Talks

    I was at a Stake Priesthood meeting and heard a talk that stood out to me. The second counselor in the Stake Presidency spoke about his interview process with BYU Idaho. It was about a 2 and half … more

  • How to know your thoughts come from God

    Tags: Prayer

    I recently came across a video, see below on discerning light. I was taken back with the comment that whatever thought is good, or whatever invites and entices us to do good is of God, so by your … more

  • The Light of Christ

    What is light? In this three part series, Elder David A. Bednar discusses how we receive and perceive light from God. Part 1 centers on the properties of light and how the Light of Christ affects all … more

  • Faith is Aligned

    Tags: Faith

    "Only when our faith is aligned with the will of our Heavenly Father will we be empowered to receive the blessings we seek." - Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin Of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

    I love … more

  • Priesthood blessing request

    Tags: Service

    There was a husband of a dear family member who was arrested for viewing things illegal over the Internet. Many, as one can imagine, disowned this husband. My wife and I never wanted anything to do … more

  • Christmas Baskets

    Tags: Service

    During Christmas season, most of the wards, if not all of them, had the task of giving out baskets to those the bishop felt needed some contact. Our basket, as a family was dropped off while we were … more

  • Priesthood Service

    Tags: Service

    I remember Tiffany making polymer Clay pea pods and necklaces. We spent a lot of time out at pier 60 on clearwater beach fl. We got to know and meet a lot of people and more importantly, the venders. … more

  • Loving primary teacher

    I remember as a child attending church in an old two story house near an old cemetery. This piece of land the church owned connected to a another piece of land that went through this cemetery. I … more

  • Service to Missionaries and Lord’s help

    This was second attempt to “fix” my hair. I use to be really concerned about my gray hair that was coming in. I sure did not want to pay an arm and a leg for the “chemicals” needed to “treat” my hair … more

  • Southern Baptist Minister Grandfather

    I remember getting call while being just married to my wonderful wife Tiffany. We got a call that my Grandfather was dying of liver failure. We rushed down four hours away to a hospital here in Pasco … more

  • Book of Mormon

    One day in 2011 I was listening to a song by Kathryn Scott called “I belong to You.” I remember just crying. I remember looking over at the Book of Mormon on my desk. I picked it up, I thumbed … more

  • Grandfather (Baird) Passing Away

    I remember it was September 1991 and I got a call from my mission President. There was genuine concern in his voice as he explained to me what had happen back at home. He told me my Grandfather had … more

  • God's Creation

    I remembered on my mission in 1990 to Anaheim California a bookmark I had about littering, or how we offend God when we make His creation ugly. So it took a second or two to find it but it was an … more

  • Temptation

    I recently listened to a talk in our Palm harbor Ward, Palm Harbor, Flordia and during the talk I heard something that stuck out. The words on an apostle, which I am still trying to find out which … more