Loving primary teacher

I remember as a child attending church in an old two story house near an old cemetery. This piece of land the church owned connected to a another piece of land that went through this cemetery. I remember because is ride my bike through it on my way to school.

This old two story house was a little freighting to a small child. But I do remember our small branch and the spirit felt in that old house.

As time went on, we helped clean and worked on our small meeting house that was being built next to the old house. I remember the excitement when we "moved" into our new building. And to this day, kinda feel a sense of loss for that old meeting house.

if I can remember correctly, that old house was removed by a truck off the church's property never to be seen again.

our new building was small, but we enjoyed it. I have fond memories of church activities and friends. But there is one memory I have thought about over my lifetime. It's that of a primary teacher who gave me a love of the temple. He and I met in the back of the church, in the hallway next to the back door. One Sunday he gave me a really nice framed picture of the Washington temple. The Washington DC temple was the closest temple to Thomasville Ga. I remember my teacher telling me the importance of being worthy to go and be married in that sacred house. I remember how old he was and how thankful he was that he'd be with his wife forever. I wanted that. Today, I have that...

I am truly grateful for good teachers in my life...

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